Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Area Rug Is In The Mail!

Last week I did a post about selecting an area rug for the dining room. I asked for your responses and it was so fun to see what you all said.

These were the choices and we selected
the one that got the most votes! #1

I had liked it the best from the beginning. The reason I was having the dilemma was more from a practical standpoint. I do like #2 but it is more formal and more old world, etc. It reminds me of Europe in some ways and that is probably why I was drawn to it.

I like that it has a darker border as when you look at the photo below of the space between the table and the fireplace you can see it is not big. We have to meander through there to get to the bedrooms and the new bathroom. That means walking on the rug I'm sure as we pass through. I thought the darker would keep it looking cleaner longer.

The other reason I was considering #2 is
that the area rug in library looks like this...

It is a very swirly, leafy look like the one we chose but it is a different cooler background where as the new rug is a warmer tone. Also the picture may be deceiving, as well as what I see, as this rug really needs to be cleaned. We don't like to clean it in the house as the possibility of it getting too wet and it getting moisture on the floor is not an option. So we have to take it out on the patio to do it.

The other consideration is that the colors may not be represented accurately on the website for the new rug. It is not fun working with two colors that are approximates. So my practical nature was saying just maybe I should go with something completely different like #2 and then it wouldn't be a point of comparison at all. Ahh, the dilemma!

I purposely didn't include these details in the asking for your help because I wanted the best rug to be chosen. I do not like choosing something less than what I want just because of something {that I am not that crazy about} that is already in the room. If nothing else I can save my pennies and buy another one for the office that matches if need be. But I think they will blend nicely. Especially since they are similar thematically. Also you cannot really see both of them at the same time from any vantage point in the room unless your eyes are where your ears are supposed to be!

The other thing I love about the new rug we selected is it has a touch of red in it and I have that fabulous red leather chair in the office. So from the dining room it will tie the two areas very nicely. And I have my mom's old rocker in a soft purple/lavender color in the dining room so it blends nicely with the older rug that has a touch of purple along with some red parts as well. Adding the red and purple sparkle pillow along with the green one to the old rocker hopefully brings that all together. I would have never consciously chosen green, red and purple for a room but I quite like it as it is mostly the light sage green with the darker, colorful accents. There is very little of the purple...the secondary color is red.

When I look at the rug I will think of all of you and how you helped me decide. Thank you so much it was fun. Becky was my turn key person when she said it looked airy and whimsical...both things I in a house.

So I know this was over thinking it, but I like to do that when making a purchase that I know we will have for a long time. Sometimes doing that reduces the risk of buyer's remorse on things you just do not want to return! On something smaller or less expensive it is not as critical.

Another option we will have is if we don't like the way they look we can switch them and I know that would work too because of the chairs and their placement in the room. But I think we are going to like it. Thanks again, Ladies, for confirming my suspicion of which one would work best.


Shaun at Oak Den said...

haha! Love it!

Caroline Craven said...

Glad to know you went with your first instinct - that is always a winner. I'm going to have to post a couple of decorating dilemmas I'm having and see what suggestions you may have. Actually, I need help with the whole house. Maybe I'm just tired of everything. People always compliment the house, but I never know if they are just being nice or if they are sincere. Regardless, I have some situations I am not happy with and need expert advice.

Bonnie said...

I am always happy to help with an opinion. Send over some photos, Caroline!

Sister Susie said...

I like #2 rug. It's more geometric. I'm more into indepth patterning than "loose" patterns.
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

LA Adams said...

Wheww! I'm glad you know why you like things and how to pull them together - it is a gift. Talent like that should not be wasted, it is so nice when someone put things together that makes the soul happy.

Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, you picked my favourite!! It is clear that we both have excellent taste!! CAn't wait to see it in your home!! XXOO

margaret said...

It reminds me of 18th century embroidery.