Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking Back 2 Years

Here is a funny little post from two years ago at Jen's house. I love looking back at these! Kids say and do the darndest things.

The Big Sisters

I do enjoy it when Jen shares the funny things her kids say and do. It reminded me of a couple of funny ones I heard while I was there. You know how kids hear idioms and get the idea of the meaning of it, but don't exactly remember the phrase? Well Piper was having some frustration with one of the sisters and she said to me, "Gramma, I am really at the end of my string with that kid!"

Another day I was talking to Piper and she was telling me how they all have perfect names. She is Piper and is a Princess from Scotland, Julia had kind of a Latin name and she loves salsa, Chloe is a French name and she loves everything dairy, and one of Hazel's nicknames is Halo and she is a little angel.

Of course the whole family knows that Chloe really likes dairy products and would live on milk if they let her. We also all know she is very independent and if you read Jen's blog regularly, you know that before she was three she could make her own scrambled eggs in the microwave. So one Sunday afternoon Jen, Lowell and I were in the office chatting and Julia comes running in..saying, "Mom, Mom, Chloe is eating the baby's formula!" Upon investigation we discovered she had gotten into the refrigerator and poured some Parmesan cheese in a cereal bowl and was sitting there at the bar eating it with a spoon. It looked exactly like the formula too!

The Little Sisters

Chloe Jane's First Love!

Knowing about Chloe's thing for milk, Julia's conclusion was very plausible and for some reason it really struck us all as being so funny. We also know that the formula was plausible because anything that is Hazel's is fair game in Chloe's book. She isn't called the Binky Bandit for nothing! She wasn't eating formula because she hasn't thought of it just yet! It wouldn't surprise any of us though~ all things considered!