Thursday, October 16, 2008

Amen, Brandon!

I don't know about you but this whole election thing has me exhausted and we don't even watch TV. I can only imagine how the rest of you are feeling. Yikes!

For well over a year we have been bombarded with all this stuff until I have pretty much had it. This is like dating so long you are over it before you get married. This is like chewing gum so long it becomes tasteless, harder to chew and impossible to swallow. This is like the "won't take no for an answer" sales guy that has a 'yeah...but' at the ready. It reminds me of an annoying rash that you try to ignore because you know if you pay it the least bit of attention it will never go away. Scratching it always makes it worse. Obama this, Mc Cain that, Palin, Biden, Joe the Plumber...Enough already!

So in light of all that ranting, I have finally made my decision...I am voting for Brandon Woodruff for President of the United States! Check out his new candidacy and platform here.

And he is such a Babe!
Love the powdered wig...let's get back to the basics!*

Just think, we can say we knew them when.....! Laura will make a lovely First Lady too!

Oh and just in case you wanted to know...he and I are the best of friends..he has me on his blogroll and that is proof positive enough for me and my vote. I am endorsing this brilliant man today! And he like babies and loves his wife (only) and he can teach the new math, and he loves football, what else really matters?

*photo belongs to Brandon and is used without permission~
I am sure he won't mind a bit~buddies are like that!


Miss Jen said...

Awwww.... I love election season! It's so fun and may I jut add: Obama for President '08! Get used to it people, President Obama is on his way in!

Although Utah will undoubtedly go Republican I feel it is my duty to vote against the most corrupt party in the state! Every Democratic vote in Utah is a vote against The Utah Republican Party!

Brandon for Presdent said...


I hope you will accept my invitation to be Sec of the Interior! With your knowledge of design and decorating I know that you would make our country a beautiful place again. Also, I know that you would totally do up the White House in style!

Laura said...

Jen, I can't believe you are not going to vote for babe Brandon for Pres. So disappointed. Bon, you and Brandon have me laughing so hard!!! I am with you, I am so sick of all the election coverage---I cannot wait till it is all over!!!

Bonnie said...

Brandon, It is a done deal. I cannot wait to get out of Ca for awhile and decorate in style! And Secretary of the Interior. Whoa, that is multi-tasking at its best from my resume!