Thursday, October 23, 2008

Next Season's Dancing with the Stars?

I really like the idea of finding a caption for these funny political photos. Does anyone want to take a crack at this one? And while you are at it don't forget the Obama/Mc Cain one from a few days ago. I will give a prize for each one. Let's have a little fun~we need it at times like these! You all like prizes don't you? Don't feel obligated to take a prize if you is not mandatory or anything!


Bryce said...

I'm picturing speech bubbles:

Obama: "This'll teach Michelle for those remarks she made during my campaign."

Palin: "I NEVER could've worn this when I was a Republican. Or when I lived in Alaska."

Miss Jen said...

And the winners are: Caribou Barbie and Mr. President!

Deanna said...

Oh Bonnie, that picture is hilarious. I have to get my husband to think up something. He's good at that!

Deanna :)