Sunday, October 26, 2008

Composition in Home Design

1. An object by itself is only an object.
Juxtapose it with something else and it becomes a composition.

This post will discuss the first of the principles discussed on my Design Blog on Oct. 25th.

Composition is an important aspect of decorating in much the same way as it is in photography. When you look through that view finder I am sure you take a good look at what will actually be in your photo. In the exact same way you should stand back and look at your room from the door way and ask yourself if the composition of the furnishings, art and accessories are pleasing to the eye.

Beautiful things must work together to create the atmosphere, ambiance, and feeling you want to evoke in the room. Things don't have to match but they definitely need to blend. Does the room invite you in and make you want to stay awhile?

Doesn't this room look comfy and invite you in for a nap?

The style and elegance is carried through out
this whole area of the entry and living room.

Make sure that different areas of your room
blend together and compliment one another.

A word about accessories and collections. Find a fun and interesting way to display your things. This is a photo of a collection of pears that I have in my dining room. Over the years I have enjoyed collecting pears from various places we have visited and I have also received several from friends and relatives. Imagine how silly my room would look with all these pears scattered around the room. I found this great copper tray and just started piling them on and people always comment on how fun this is and how they enjoy looking at them. Be creative and take a chance on something. The worst thing that can happen is you decide you don't like it and then you can try something else! Use a little whimsy in your decor and add that little element of surprise to each room.

All of these homes have been redesigned or staged by our company, Interiors by Design.


Sal Gal said...

I am design challenged! Your designs are beautiful! Can I hire you next time you're in Utah??? :)

Bonnie said...

Of Course Sally, I'd be happy to help you anytime. We are coming during Christmas vacation. B

Laura said...

Your work is so beautiful. What beautiful spaces to live in.

Brandon said...

Wow, I would never want to leave my house! When my check comes from England, I will use your company to decorate the new mansion and the White House, if all goes well in the election.