Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogger Buzz

For the past few weeks different people have been having trouble with their blogger comments. As an example, my daughter, Laura, would post a great message and then when you would click on comments the comment box would not come up and you couldn't leave your comment. Well, that was making me nuts so I did some investigating and this is what I discovered.

Blogger is trying out a new method of comments which will actually embed the comments right into your post. That way your reader won't have to click on a pull down comment box. Blogger thinks it is cooler and are initiating it on all new blogs. They have made it an option for older blogs which did not even work when I tried it on my blog. However, in the process of this changing of the setting page I think some of the blogs inadvertently reset to the embedded option. I know a few others were also unable to get comments last week. So this is how you fix it:

If you go to customize and then settings and click on comments and scroll down you will see a section called "comment form placement." Just check yours and make sure it is on the second button default and not the embedded one. Then save it and that should fix the problem for you.

Laura is back up and running now. Happy Commenting!