Sunday, October 19, 2008

Any Suggestions For November Get Away?

I posted this a few days ago but got no comments so I am trying again for some hints on fun places!

Wow, the weeks have been flying by over here. We are not only living a displaced life in the NY time zone while living in CA, but it feels like the NY minutes are invading us as well. We have been helping on Jeff's school board campaign and right on top of it we have Scouting for Food on Nov 15th. But when that is over then we are going to take a little down time and just "be" for awhile. For Jim that probably means a good night's sleep but for me it means getting away for a few days.

So I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for a fun 2-night 3- day get away for two. I remember that Deanna and Christian had a wonderful one at the Union Hotel in Benicia and then off to Agate Cove Inn in Mendocino.

I am thinking of something like that. We may also go to to Nevada City/Grass Valley and may even have a little Sierra foothills snow. They have a fun chestnut roasting festival run by some people that come from the same place my Welsh ancestors did. We did that one year an it was a great Christmas kick-off.

So I am thinking of someplace not too far away that just gets us out of town. We will go the day after Thanksgiving as a part of Jim's birthday celebration and the 4 day weekend.

While we are home we have a hard time getting to a movie. For weeks we have been planning to go out to see "The Secret Life of Bees"tonight, but we are making campaign signs instead. Oh well, I can think about our romantic get away as I peal and stick plastic lettering~it will be quite reminiscent of last night actually! Not exactly long enough ago to feel nostalgic but for a good cause the effort goes on....

Lest it all be for naught... PLEASE VOTE FOR JEFF ADAMS ( And don't forget Brandon Woodruff for President) on November 4th!

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Deanna Munoz said...

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend the Agate Cove Inn. It really was the most amazing time we have had in a very long time. The town is ADORABLE. You would LOVE it. The view is amazing. I would deffinately say, GIVE IT A TRY!!! The drive along the Coast is almost as good as the view from your room!!!

Connie said...

Does it count as a getaway if you take me with? :)

Just wondering.....