Thursday, October 23, 2008

Laura's Coop

I have a great friend and one of my favorite bloggers that I want to feature today. Her name is Laura and she is one funny hen. I think she should change her blog name from Laura~scoop to Laura's Coop. Her baby chicks are adorable and she is a great mother!

Enjoy this post as I did! I am still laughing~so clever this one!


Laura said...

They are seriously good, especially when you live in a zoo!!!

Deanna said...

Bonnie, I literally have tears rolling down my cheeks. My husband is pretending not to be annoyed with me as he is watching his favorite show Survivor right now and I'm busting out with giant belly laughs. I just left Laura a comment and I could hardly type for laughing so hard.

Thanks for providing that link. It was just hilarious and I needed that!

Bless you,

Laura said...

I just love you Bon, you are the best!!! You know how to make people feel good!!!