Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Got Talent?

Posted by our daughter, Laura, about our very talented 1st grader, Ross!

This afternoon Ross asked if he could use the computer to type a story. I was in the middle of a big "discussion" with Spencer and was happy to have Ross engaged in something other than our trouble. So I sent him down stairs to type without another thought.

Well, a few minutes ago I came down stairs and found this story on my computer screen. NOTE: Ross chose the font, size, spacing, etc. all on his own. When I told him his story was so good it was blog worthy he really wanted me to change the font color before posting it. I think we have author/graphic artist in the making over here.

The New School

Chapter 1:Ben

Ben was the shortest kid in Floros
(Floro is a name Ross made up) class. He had no friends and everyone teased him. Win ever (whenever) Floro caught sum one (someone) doing it(,) they wood (would) bee (be) at the Principle. (")123 eyes on me(") everyone quickly looked(.) (")today we will (...) FIRE DRILL! (") But nobody curved (covered) there (their) yrs (ears). (")BEN WEY (why) WRINT (weren't) YOU LISNING (listening)!(")

End of chapter:1

Not too shabby for only being in 1st grade since September! I did not even need Laura's (notes) after I worked for two doctors for twenty something years and I can read anything! One proud Gramma signing out for now!


Deanna said...

Awwwwwwww!That is just too precious.

Deanna :)

Miss Jen said...

I *LOVE* Ross. He is a crack up! He looks so grown up in that picture too.