Thursday, October 23, 2008

Differences of Opinion

Several months ago I think I mentioned that I really dislike politics. The reasons for this are numerous but probably the most important one is that deep down inside I am really passionate about some issues and that is why getting involved in politics is crazy making for me. We have a good friend that is running for the school board and the campaigning has been so filled with out and out lies, corruption and evil hidden agendas that it would make you ill.

Some Of the Main Things About It All That Makes Me Nuts Are:
  • The bureaucratic red-tape whenever anyone has innovative ideas that could actually improve things. As an example, you can buy copy paper four times cheaper at Costco that you can through the district but they insist the paper be bought by the individual schools from them while complaining about not having enough money. What? Everything down to something this mundane is so ensconced in politics.
  • Dishonesty! Needs no explanation.
  • Disrespect for the opinions and beliefs of others and out and out rudeness. Name calling, threats, etc. Think "8" need I say more?
  • Change is so difficult and reminds me of trying to push a donkey on its rear uphill. We've all been there done that!
  • Feeling like your feet are stuck in tar as you try to take steps forward when the process becomes so murky, the vision of the original intent is often impossible to see or even remember. Etc. Etc. Kids? Teachers? Oh yeah, that is why we are here in the first place!

The only person trying to be honest and to actually concern himself with the welfare of students, teachers and proper allocation of funds is Jeff Adams.

Yesterday our local newspaper endorsed Jeff and the opposition launched into the most despicable triad over why the paper is not entitled to their own opinion. The opposition is trying to band together to create a voting block that will control every decision. Jeff is for intelligent decisions based on the facts of each issue not on whose pocket he's in. The district is misappropriating and wasting money with no basic oversight. Jeff comes to the election with a MBA in finance and is also an honest attorney. These opponents are so hungry for the power and moving up the political ladder that they are scared to death of an upright individual serving with them. This is ulcer producing stuff for me. We are talking about our community's kids here.

The one thing that I really cannot handle about these people is they are always spouting off about the democratic process and then trying to deny Jeff his rights in that arena. They have criticized his rights to his own religious beliefs, his constitutional rights of free speech, etc. This is one of the great ironies of fanatical people. They don't see that they contradict themselves at every turn because it is their way or the highway! I am so proud of Jeff for standing up for the kids and families he is trying to represent and for totally taking the high road in this campaign when I would have blown a gasket by now. He is calm and respectful and honest. He believes in families and kids and doing the most good for the most people. It is no wonder they are all scared of his platform~it contradicts everything that they are.

So that is why I do not like politics and why I am getting an ulcer. This and several other items on the ballot this election year are very disturbing. Enjoy your freedoms to vote you own conscience in the privacy of the voting booth~the way things are going it could be short lived.

The difference between us and them is we believe in the rights of every American to voice their opinions in a decent, civilized way. They are a little too hungry for what they want at any cost. So just go out and vote, vote for what you believe in, and exercise your right as an American to do so. I really detest the contentions, the bickering, the whole political gambit. I vote for the PEACE of righteous living! Nope, I'm not political..nope, not me, not one bit!

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Connie said...

Amen, Sister!!!! I feel the exact same way, but could never have penned it so beautifully. What is this world coming to???? OH, never mind, I REALLY don't want to know....

I can't wait for this election stuff to be over with. I truly think it brings out the very worst in otherwise decent people. You are right that Jeff is standing as a wonderful example to all the rest of us with his calm and peaceful demeanor. I am losing sleep over all this, I'll tell you what. Ugh. Get it over with!!!

Let's see...I better end this on a positive note...uhm....OH!! Aren't we having the most beautiful weather????! There we go, now I feel better. Let the sun shine! :)

Laura said...

I just can't stand politics because of all the negativity, etc. I am with you---bureaucracy drives me crazy---with all the waste, time consumption, etc.---and all for what?