Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coming Home

When my family use to travel through the desert on our way to visit our grandparents in North Dakota I thought the desert was to ugliest place on earth. I have changed my mind. I love the openness of it and the solitude and the peace. It is quite beautiful during the fall. The cloud formations were absolutely gorgeous and the quiet was appreciated after a very busy week. We got home with no problems, exhausted and can that be? An oxymoron...Anyway both were words that came to mind.

We left bright and early, well really~ pitch black and early on Sunday morning. We had tons of rain the first hour or so and then when we turned west it cleared up. We enjoyed listening to the Sunday broadcasting from KSL until we got too far away. Missed all of Sunday's Conference so have some making up to do via the Internet. I did love Elder Holland's talk on Satuday!

Loved this sign and have passed by Wadsworth dozens of times but never stopped. Its deserty appearance seems so symbolic of missing them so much. Boohoo...come home soon!

By using cruise control and being light on the petal we got this amazing gas mileage so it cost us 1/4 of the $ of flying! Bargain traveling is good! It was fun but good to be home again too.