Friday, October 3, 2008

Not To Leave The Littler Ones Out

As you might expect there were some sad little ones that couldn't
go on the bike ride with the big kids sooooo.....

One day Jim took Aynslee and Zach for a little adventure of their own. They went to a beautiful park and enjoyed posing for photos, the play ground, searching and finding acorns, and just playing outside while the weather is still fairly warm and pleasant as winter is on its way! Where was Gramma during all this you may be wondering? Sitting in a chair getting over the flu. Lucky me! Lucky kids that they have a super Grampa!

Hugging Trees and Boulders of Their Own~Aynlsee and Zachy

Is this not the cutest photo of our adorable Zach?
Double Click it!

Big Adventures for Their Grampa Camp Day

Love Anyslee's new bangs and missing tooth!

Playground Sliding

Collecting Acorns for Mom and Gramma

Just Being So Cute!



More Climbing!

Monkeying Around!

**Chloe also had her special time with Grampa at a park but I think
Gramma had the camera at the hospital that day.