Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Name Game...Bon Bon Moe Mon Bonana Fanna...Foe Fawn, Fee Fi Foe Mon~Bon!

Oddly, I have a definite thing about what people call me....

It is not that I am in love with my name, Bonnie, in fact, I have never really liked it very much. I use to detest my middle name, Jo, because I thought it sounded too hillbilly-ish. Now I feel better about it because it was my sweet mom's nickname, Jo~ for Josephine and thank the good Lord, I didn't get Josephine for my middle name! Also, I kind of like it more now too because it is our granddaughter's middle name as well.

I don't like the nicknames my Dad use to call me on occasion...Powerful Katrina and The Bomber. Hello, let's make your daughter feel like a Mac Truck and not the lovely feminine little girl she might have been! My brothers called me Einnob, my name spelled backwards and did also pick up on Bomber too. Geesh.

Fortunately, my friends never tagged me with anything that made me seek therapy, but Jim has had a few I find interesting. He use to call me Tiger??? Huh? And he still calls me "Little Pie! " That is a laugh on many levels, but I am kind of use to it. I absolutely Hate it when he calls me tootsie or toots! I think after many agitated reminders, I have broken him of that habit. I have never liked it when he calls me Bonnie and never, Bonnie Jo, when he is talking directly to me. I can really only take that from our friend, Paul, in Scotland, it just works better with his accent. I like it best when Jim calls me, Bon, Honey, or some other term of endearment.

I don't like it when my kids call me Bonnie, nor my grandkids~definitely not! I don't like being referred to as a mother-in-law either. But I don't mind at all if my children's spouses call me Bonnie and I would like it even better if they called me Mom or Gramma.

I have never cared for Mrs. M (last name) or Ms M...the first is my mother-in-law and the second is someone I have never met or possibly, Bette Midler. The Mrs. is too old sounding and the Ms is too cheeky. I also do not care for Sister M (last name) very much although I know it is a sign of respect. It is OK but, to me again sounds stuffy and creates a distance. Some people call me Bonbon and I kind of like that even though it reminds me of a big lump of chocolate covered ice cream and some lazy woman lying around eating them and watching soaps. But my sister-in-law, Marilyn, calls me that and it is just great coming from her?? And I love it when my grandkids call me Gramma Bonbon! I'm weird! Kill me!

So now that you have no idea whatsoever what t o call me...I guess I like Bon best. Bon to me sound more intimate like you know me and even like me. Of course, Bonnie is fine too, as long as you are not an offspring. I know my friend, Con, understands this as she feels the same way I do about shortening Connie to Con and Bonnie to Bon. We are most happy when we do that for each other and are like two grinning peas in a pod.

Wow, it took me a lot of years to develop all this and just today I figured it all out. I think the things a person calls you and how they say it holds some real messages, don't you? Or am I just being totally wacked out again? What do you like to be called and why? Another weird thing about me is that I have never been able to say what I would like to have been named if I had a choice. Nothing else sounds right...hmmmm! OK, then that is my twittering for the day! By the way I will always answer to "Hey You"..if this is all too confusing for the sane among you!


Connie said...

Hey BON, it's CON!!!!! Oh, I do love you with all my heart...even if I have, on occassion, called you Bonbon. Sorry. (Kind of) :) I just want you to know that although we both agree that our respective "Bon" and "Con" are indeed our favorites, I reserve the right to slip out with a Bonbon now and then, simply because it's the only thing that is halfway as sweet as you!!!

Bonnie said...

Sounds good,Concon! I love that you are blogging!

Laura said...

Hey Bon, it's good to know, you definately don't want to call someone by a name that makes them cringe inside. I always wanted a middle name growing up, which is why I love to attach a variety of middle names to my first name, depending what mood I am in. Yeah, they can put the vest on me and send me to that little white room.

Bonnie said...

I hope you all know that is pretty much tongue in cheek...but just don't call me Toots! Everything else is OK!