Thursday, October 2, 2008

Staying with Chris and Missy

We were so happy to have some time to spend with Chris and Missy and their kids. They have been very patient as most of our time has been spent at the Stewarts this past year helping out with Hazel and the girls. But this time, even though Hazie had surgery, it was planned and went well and she got to come home the same we got to proceed with our plans to go to Chris and Missy's on Wednesday night after the bike ride. Chris had Scouts on Wednesday night but not until after Missy made this beautiful meal for all to enjoy. She is an awesome cook if I have never mentioned that before. They were sweet to let us sleep in their room while visiting.

So Pretty and Comfy! They Just got All
New Windows Throughout the House also!

Their Gorgeous New Piano and Painting of the
Salt Lake Temple Where They Were Married

They have done so much with their house over the last two years. It is really getting nicer and nicer all the time. I am so glad they had the vision to know what it could be with a lot of work. This visit Jim helped Chris finish the shop in the garage they had worked on last time. They glued down the counter top and had lots of fun.

Dad in His Element With His Kid!

Grampa Fixing the Garbage Disposal with Zach!

Missy in The Cracker Barrel
(Not Literally!)

Missy and I went out to lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Love that place. It is so much fun and the decor is great and you can even shop before entering the restaurant. The place is loaded with stuff as you can see. Do you think a woman had this brilliant idea for a restaurant?

We also went to The Porch, Rod Works and The Quilted Bear before we had to head home so she could work in Connor's classroom in the afternoon. While at the Rod Works store she found a gorgeous lamp for their living room and also a 25% off coupon for the next day. So we went back and it was still there. It was meant to be!

We spent time watching their slides from their trip to Europe in May, watching Conference on Saturday and Missy and I watched a movie while Dad, Chris and Lowell went out to dinner after the Priesthood Meeting Saturday night. They had authentic Chinese food and Missy and I ate pizza with the kids.

We had some moments that evening when Owen fell backwards off a chair and bit his tongue quite badly with his brand new molars and the Aynslee lost her second tooth for the week. The blood was flowing but they both did OK in the long run. Owen was lucky not to break his ankle as he got his foot wedged between two slats of the chair as he fell. Throughout our stay from Wednesday to Sunday morning, we all had lots of time to sit and chat and enjoy just hanging out together.

Owie and Daddy Trying for a Nap!

Anys After Losing Her First Tooth~Didn't get a Photo of #2

Connor Cooking on the Barbie for Scout
Project and Yummy Dinner!


Laura said...

What great times! You are both such blessings for your family!