Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Girlfriends~The Best Medicine!

I have to hand it to my sweet friends. Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty out of sorts with life in general. They helped me turn my frown upside down!

I know I was tired as we had had an action packed weekend. It started out on Friday afternoon with political sign making for Jim and me. After three hour of rushing through that we decided we could squeeze in that movie we wanted to see. I Fandangoed the tickets and we went rushing to the theater for the 7:30 showing of The Secret Life of Bees. I jumped out of the car, ran in to get the popcorn while he parked the car. In all the rush we landed up at the wrong theatre! Hello..totally my fault. There was no time to go to the other place so they let us use our tickets for a movie there. Nights at Rodanthe. I know this was not the best for Jim. He is interested in Bees because he teaches it in his literature classes and it is one of his favorite books. He was gracious and liked the other movie but BUMMER anyway! Senility 101 rears its ugly head again.

Saturday was jammed packed with distribution of the signs for Jim, an all day long genealogy seminar for me, Halloween party for both of us in Tracy Saturday night, the usual Sunday stuff and then over to Oakland for the Temple Hill excursion. It was a good weekend just a little overbooked.

Anyway~back to the girlfriends. So Monday mornings is when I meet with my friends for an hour or so. It is a time that we just share stuff and try to come up with ways to improve our lives etc. We have been doing it weekly for years. I cannot tell you how important this group of friends is to me. We have been through every imaginable life crisis together over the years and every joyous experience too. What is shared in that room stays in that room!

It has been the best. It is like a coffee klatch without the coffee, a therapy session without a therapist, a play date without the kids! One of the best things about the whole thing is we laugh our heads off and that is what turned my frown upside down yesterday morning. I was feeling so stressed about politics about the economy some extended family stuff, and just had that uneasy feeling of a panic attack in the making when ~ along came my friends to the rescue.

There is something so special about sisterhood. I love the dear ladies I can call my friends. You light up my life in so many ways. And that goes to all my blogging friends as well. Love you all! If you haven't heard about our trip to Greece and your invitation to join in Click here!

**This photo looks absolutely nothing like us!


Connie said...

Right back atcha, Bon!!! It lit up my day as well. Laughter is indeed the best remedy for ANYTHING!!!!!!! I needed it again last night after the sign waving party for Prop. 8, so I called my sister, Mary and we laughed some more. You are all blessings to me--my own special angels! Love you, Bon!

Lanette said...

I'm saving my pennies for Greece. Life is worth living because of the people who cross our paths - how did I get so lucky (blessed) to have such great friends!! We just have to get away though. I'm working on it...

CA Poppy said...

It's good to Know that what is said in that room stays in that room. Thanks for those terrific years. Know how much I love and miss you.

Sal Gal said...

I like that you had to put the disclaimer in there about the picture! :) Your group sounds like the ya-ya sisterhood, there's nothing better than good girlfriends!

Deanna said...

I just came across your blog through a "christmas" link on my profile. I was searching for any blogs that had a Christmas theme and of course when you click on any link on your profile it gives a list of fellow bloggers that have the word Christmas on their own profile. Anyway, I was so enchanted with your blog and read about three pages of it. You are very funny. It relaxed me and was so enjoyable.

I would like to add you to my favorite list on my blog if that is all right with you.

Well, I am going to read a few more pages before I head off to slumberland!