Friday, October 24, 2008

No Man or Woman is an Island


Today I have been thinking about how wonderful it is to have a community of people in your life that you can relate to, that are like-minded, a positive influence, and that can support you when the going gets rough. It is also wonderful to be a part of that group of people when others are being tried and you can uplift them and show your support. It would be my hope that each and everyone one of us have that in our lives. Whether it is your family, your church, your work place peers, your Facebook friends, your golf buddies or whomever, I hope God has blessed you with this oasis of support and comfort.

Even though I am a bit of an introvert, I fully recognize how much I need and love other people in my life. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? The definition I like best for each is: an extrovert gains energy when surrounded by others. Perfect example (my spouse!) An introvert may love others as much as an extrovert but feels a sort of draining of energy when with others and needs solitude to recharge. (Perfect example, me!) I think it has less to do with outgoing or shyness characteristics and is more about the sources of one's social energy.

Which ever group you belong to, I think most would agree that we need other people in our lives to be happy and healthy and well-rounded. No healthy person is an island.

I was reminded of this once again when I read my good friend, Lanette's, blog today. I think a lot of us have been waking up with worries and concerns lately...I know I sure have. Never in my life have I been so concerned about the severe trials of so many people, issues, financial doom and gloom, etc. It has taken a toll on me in many ways. But when I surround myself with wonderful people like Lanette...I am comforted and uplifted.

Most people, it is said, have only one or two deep friendships in their entire lives. I feel so blessed to have that feeling towards many friends. From now on when I have those feelings of deep concern when I awaken in the morning I am going to remember this post from my sweet friend and rejoice in the day the Lord hath made for me and for you!


~Good People~
Family and Friends
The Sunshine of My Life!


Lanette said...

You bless my life!!