Saturday, October 11, 2008

We Left Our Hearts In San Francisco

Quite by accident, Jim and I unearthed a well-kept secret about San Francisco and Sausalito this morning. His mom had a flight out of SFO very early so we were dropping her off @ 5:00 am.

It was so dark and chilly when we arrived.
The new red pea coat I bought yesterday came in handy!

(A girl just never knows when she will need
something like that on the spur of the moment, right?)

What we discovered was that you can basically have The City all to yourself at that hour! This is really awesome if you love SF like we do. There is no traffic and no problem parking anywhere you want to go. Also nothing is open so you save $. You have to rely on the beauty all around you and your beloved to be your entertainment!

Suddenly the sun just started to come up so quickly
But the populous stayed in bed! Awesome!

The water was glistening like tiny diamonds and
you know how I like me some sparkles!

We went down to the Farmers' Market and watched as the farmers set up their wares in their stands. You could just feel the excitement among them in the crisp, cool air at the break of day.

We watched the sun come up over the bay bridge and went to Aquatic Park to have a look/see. Parking spaces everywhere~more precious than gold!

We sailed across the Golden Gate at record speed and arrived in Sausalito just in time for the 6:30 opening of one of our favorite little sidewalk cafes, Poggio's. We had Sausalito all to ourselves as we enjoyed a great breakfast. People, this is astonishing and you know what I mean, if you have had to dodge touristas at every turn in Sausalito on any given day. Blissfulness at its best!

The Hot Chocolate was~ to die for!

We did see a few cyclists and I did see the green-eyed monster~ envy, in Jim's eyes ~but he tried to conceal it and pretend there was nothing he'd rather be doing. Bless his heart! Hate to break it to him but very little gets past me after 40 plus years!

How is it that every one of these guys is built just like Hubs?
It is more than a coincidence in my opinion!

I am saying they came this way and that is why
they love biking, not that they are this way
because they are biking!

His Daydream/Nightmare
(Poor Jimbob!)

It was one of our neatest dates in long time. Even though we are west coasters, we have been living on New York time since we visited there about 8 years ago. (Not because it is fun but Jim goes to work very early.) So getting up that early is something we are use to and enjoy.

We plan to do a lot more sunrise dates in the future. It was a real pleasure without the frustration of the crowds. The world is an especially beautiful place when most of the population is still in bed. You should try it. We were home by 8:30 am and Jim took a little nap! I love it when we find something cool that works well for us~it was pure serendipity!

So reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast in Italy!
Sausalito=Italy~ On The Cheap!

(You have to cut corners when you buy a brand new
red pea coat in times like these!)


Jim said...
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Jim said...

I was not wishing I was on my bike, feeling the cool morning air as I peddled along the traffic, no worries...just the open road and a tail wind.
Well, OK...maybe for just a minute. But I would not have traded this morning with you!
I love you!

Connie said...

"You know how I like me some sparkles". That just made my day, my friend!!!!!!!! I laughed right out loud. You are the CUTEST!!!!!

Ralphie said...

What a wonderful, early-morning, spur-of-the-moment, surprise date. You guys are my role models for stuff like that. The way you wrote it, Bonnie, made me feel like I was right there with fun! Thanks for sharing. Love, Barbara