Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flu Shot...Or Not?

I got a flu shot last year for the first time in eons! I got the flu right after Christmas and again yesterday. Ugh! Both times I was here in Utah, which is also weird. I hadn't had the flu in years. So I am thinking... am I just being superstitious in thinking I don't want to get one now or should I get the shot again this year? I know there are many strains and they try to pick the hot one, etc....but? It just seems weird. Are you getting one?

The beautiful centerpiece Jen made because it
is against my religion to post without a great photo!

(And the yucky one above doesn't count!)


girlsmama said...

Such talent! I wish I had a little...

laura.elizabeth said...

I am definitely on an anti flu shot / anti vaccine kick right now. Even though I have had the flu 5 times since I have been here. I don't know, something I just get all freaked out and don't trust that they are safe. I don't have any cold, hard facts to base my opinion on- it is just a feeling more than anything else. Anyway, I think we will pass again this year.

I LOVE Jen's center piece!!

Laura said...

Just my opinion---and I am probably also superstitious, but the one year I recieved the flu shot, I was sicker than I have been any winter. So, no more flu shots for me. Probably foolish, but I swear I will get sicker if I get it.

Laura said...

I am glad Hazel's surgery went well.

Gail Victoria said...

I don't get the flu but my doctor wants me to get the flu shot. I AM NOT GETTING IT! Everybody I know who gets the flu shot gets the flu. They say they just don't get the flu as bad as they would have gotten it - but I don't want to get it at all! Go a year without it and see what happens. Maybe I'll get a flue shot when I'm 90.

LOVE the centerpiece. Such talent your girls have.

I'm glad Hazel is doing well. Give her a kiss for me.