Monday, October 13, 2008

Economic Moaning...



How are you all doing with the state of your money right now? Are you spending less, shopping differently, moving your portfolio around, skipping Christmas, stuffing money under your mattress? Do you catch yourself sighing with relief that gas is only $3.59 per gallon? Every time I catch myself doing that, I remind myself that is all part of the plan to have us accept these outrageous prices as a " good deal" in a market that doubled the prices in less that one year.

I am looking more closely at ways to use it up, wear it out, or do without, are you? I am reviewing my wardrobe and keeping more things and buying way less. I am just not buying clothes this season because heaven know I do not need them. After evaluating the whole situation I only need a pair of jeans...that is it.

Another place we are being a lot more careful is the kitchen. We are being less wasteful and shopping in the less expensive stores. Lanette just recently did a post about buying produce at the 99 cent store. With all the produce this household goes through I am checking that out this week.

We are not skipping Christmas but we are definitely cutting back. I know I say that every year but this time I am dead serious. Shipping has gotten so expensive that I am buying all I can on Amazon to avoid all of the congestion at the PO and the outrageous prices. If your plan your purchases you can get free shipping by bundling up your purchases instead of ordering one thing at a time. We are simply simplifying on as many levels as we can. We are trying to save as much $ as we can, in earnest and really looking for places that we have been frivolous in the past. I say we, but I really mean me. Jim is great about not spending money...thank goodness! When would he ever find any time to shop?

Some of these things are going to be hard for all of us, but I feel that we are all very adaptable and that if we are careful and prudent we will all be fine! Do you agree or am I just being overly optimistic? I just have faith that if we do what we should we will be blessed. And you?

Since this whole thing does not a pretty picture make...I decided to add one!

Did you know..."You can never get enough of what you don't need?"
Mary Ellen Edmonds

Think About it, It Is So True!!


Miss Jen said...

This whole money things is driving me nuts. I keep trying to think of things we can live without. There are so many things! I keep hearing myself say things like: "Don't use too much toothpaste, it's expensive!" Uggg!