Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year ~ 2 0 0 9

Jim took this photo of the glasses in our china cabinet and it just made me think of New Year's Eve. I hope you had a good one and a safe one. I have noticed that New Year's Eve has kind of changed from a fancy date night to more of a family night in recent years and that is great. We spent ours with all the Utah kids and grandkids and enjoyed pizza, games, etc. together.

In spite of the craziness of this year it has been a a good one for our family. We had a wonderful trip to Italy and lots of time in Utah too. Our biggest blessing has been Hazel's improved health and steady jobs that adequately provide for us all. We pray for all who do not have this security at this time. Robert has remained safe in his military service and we are mindful of the families that have lost loved ones in this terrible war. We are all relatively healthy and enjoying day to day living and we realize this is not the case for many we love and care about and many we don't know at all. We have the gospel in our lives and excellent friends and sufficient for our needs in all things. We are aware of the many that do not and we want to be able to help.

I read a quote yesterday that said, "Peace is not the absence of troubles, it is having God to help you through them." I like that because I know it is true. Life this year has not been a 'bowl of cherries' but with the comfort and security of knowing our faith will see us through, we have been just fine.

Our hope for the coming year is that we will all be blessed with more stability in our world. That there will be peace and prosperity and improved health for everyone. If I could wish for one thing it would be that babies and little ones would never have to be seriously ill.

She's Better!

Of course we know that will not be, but knowing we have a Father in Heaven that loves all his children and that answers prayers, is a tremendous comfort. One day at a time, we just move forward in faith knowing He is in charge. We pray we can be healthy enough to always give service where it is needed.

Happy New Year
to all of our Fami
ly and Friends!
We Love You,
And Pray for a Great Year for Each of You!!


MCGROVER said...

Way to go - you stayed up to welcome in the new yaar. We succumbed to "oldness" and went to bed before the new yaar.

Even though 2008 was not a great year in terms of the economy we have much to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminders.

Deanna said...

Hi my dear sweet Bonnie!
I feel so lost on blogger! We had company stay with us during the Christmas holiday and the last stragglers left this morning. I miss everyone already. I'll miss making chocolate Malt-O Meal, pancakes and pattie sausages. Isn't it great when you get to cook for your family and friends?

You are so right about families spending time at home instead of partying at clubs. We went with my sister Cyndi and her family to Texas Land and Cattle and had a wonderful steak dinner, then we went to their house and watched a good wholesome film. We had popcorn with milk duds, candied apples and a bag full of Brachs Toffee.

Bonnie, I'm so glad to see that the baby is doing well. I will never complain about my eyes again. Precious Hazie...she's a dollie.

I'm sorry to say that I have stepped onto my bathroom scales- I have gained four pounds since Thanksgiving Day! "Let's hear it for the spare tire!!! Woo Woo Woo!!
Where in the heck did I leave my spanx??"

Feeling pudgy and mega round,
Deanna :P