Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Love Your Blog

Deanna, Deanna! You all know Deanna by now. She has been storing up all the awards she received over the last few years and now has been sending them to me left and right. Isn't she sweet? I really like this one and so I decided to post it so I could give it away to some friends as well.

This one goes to





You are all such talented writers and you make me laugh.

Laughing while reading your thoughts and
comments is something I really enjoy.

Seriously you all just brighten my day and make me realize the world is so full of talented people with a lot of wit and charm. So then, to Brandon who narrowly missed living in the White House and to the Lowders for being the family that cracks me up all the time. I love you guys! And you too, Deanna, you are too kind!


Deanna said...

Hi Bon! I'm so glad Brandon was awarded. He just has such a witty way about him. Aren't Laura and Brandon the perfect match?

I'm fixing to head off for work but I have a question for you. I took my Blog Header picture to paints and put a new Timeless Things font on it and then brought it back and put on the blog but then it showed 2 Timeless Things titles on it. So what I did was change the Blog Title and just put a teeny tiny comma and colored it pink so that it would disappear but now in my profile...Timeless Things is just a dot..or is it a comma? I can't! Do you have any idea of how to fix that?

Let me know...I probably screwed it up somehow.

Deanna :)

Bonnie said...

Deanna, I am not sure about it as I have never done anything in paints. My son-in-law, Jen's hubby, Lowell, did my header for me. Jen drew it and Lowell did the colors, etc. I did notice that I cannot log into your site though so this is a problem that needs fixing for sure. Let me know if I can contact Lowell for you. I'll send this via e-mail as well. Don't stress, we'll figure it out somehow.

Laura said...

Perfect award! I do love your blog!

Neabear said...

I see that you got the award that you liked. There are so many of them out there. Mostly when you get one you then pass it on according to instructions. But are a couple of bloggers I follow who say thanks for the awards but do not want to participate in passing them on,because it is getting hard to choose. Also there are others who accept the award and then instead of having to choose ask the readers to pick it up if they like it, because they love everyone's blogs and would not want any hurt feelings around. So there seems to be a mixture of feelings about it. I passed on the first two I got, then found it hard to keep it up trying to figure out who already has it and who doesn't and I get bogged down. I have received a bunch I have not posted yet and plan to do a collage of them all and thank the people who passed them on to me. But will not be trying to pass them on. Even though it is fun, it has gotten overwhelming. I hope that helps on the award etiquette you were wondering about.

Connie said...

I'm so touched I just don't know what to do....I feel like I just won an Academy Award!!! :) Seriously, to be told by the MASTER blogger that she loves your blog...It just doesn't get any better than that! I also love my kids' blogs and agree that they are wonderful writers, so to be lumped in with them (even if you are just being nice)is the best! Love you my dear Bon!!!!

Shelli said...

I'm glad we entertain you, Bonnie. :) I don't think we can help being how we are, so it's nice to know it makes you laugh!