Friday, January 23, 2009

Rossie...Anybody You Know?

I really had a good laugh while reading our Laura's post today! The boys just crack me up with some of the funny things they say. Especially Rossie~he is so out there with whatever is on his mind.

After that I ran into this picture and my first thought was ~Hmmm, I wonder if this is how Ross sees me, his Gramma! The little boy sure looks like him at any rate. So Laura, give it a whirl see what he says and then let me know. If it is painfully telling...lie to me...OK? The only things that will save me is I never wear aprons and I never make pies. But she does have short blondish hair, wire rimmed glasses and several chins and appears to be left-handed. Oh no, I am in big trouble! Oh and Happy Pie Day, I am not having any, thank you very much!

Kids are so little I just wonder what they actually see when they are staring straight up at you. I wonder but I am not sure I REALLY want to know.


Connie said...

oh oh.... I always wear an apron, have wire rimmed glasses, and my hair is always pulled up in a bun of some sort. I am positively sure that my grandchildren will think that picture is ME! Oh well, I'll just keep baking goodies and I'm sure they will get over it. :)

Deanna said...

That is just too precious. How did I miss that it was National Pie Day???

Deanna :)

laura.elizabeth said...

You are crackin me up! Ross is in bed right now- like I should be but I will have him look at the picture in the morning. We'll see what the little nut has to say about this. No doubt it will be something painfully funny like he thinks it is a picture of ME making the pie. Oh My!

laura.elizabeth said...

Okay, so I showed Ross the picture and asked him what he thought. He said, well, it is a picture of a grandma making a pie- but apparently she is doing it wrong because it is just about to drip on that little boy." Phew, it looks like we are both off the hook- Ross didn't say the old woman liked like either of us!!