Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Beautiful Laura!

Tomorrow is our youngest daughter's birthday. Since she lives in Italy I am posting it today so when we go to bed tonight she will be getting up to enjoy her special day. That way she won't have to wait all day to get birthday greetings from the USA. Last year I spent hours and hours making this slide show of her life up until her 30th birthday. This year is a real piece of cake just added some pictures of the year for her to enjoy. If you would like to wish her a Happy Birthday just do so in the comment section. I'll go first~

So, Happy Birthday, Laura Lou! Oh, how I wish I could make you a cake and be with you today and I know Dad does too. You have always been such a joy to us and we love you so much. Have a wonderful day and know that people all over the world are wishing you a very happy new year and a great day of celebration today! Believe me we are having one over here. We are happy you were born and are celebrating it as much for us and your gifts of happiness to us, as we are for you. Love you forever, Mom & Dad


Connie said...

Much love and best wishes from the Lowder family! Have a wonderful day filled with memory-making fun! Live it up, you darling girl, you!!!

CA Poppy said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Graet slideshow.

Neabear said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I enjoyed watching the slide show! You must be so proud of your family! Happy Birthday to Laura!

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday Laura! I know how much your mom wishes she could be with you on this special day. I loved the slide show and my favorite picture is of you and your husband..."Sweethearts forever and ever".

Hoping that all of your wishes come true!

Deanna :)
San Antonio, Tx

mandy* said...

I LOVED watching this!!! So many memories! I forgot how much stuff Laura and I did together. It makes me miss her like crazy.

Ralphie said...

Happy VERY belated birthday, Laura! I'm so behind on checking blogs--your mom is so good at it. I loved to see this slide show and reminisce . . . We miss you! Love,