Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Deanna has tagged me and wants me to write seven things about myself that most people wouldn't know. That is a pretty hard one as my life is an open book through my blogs. Well, let's see....

*I won an essay contest in Northern CA when I was in 8th grade. My paper was entitled "The Significant of Chemistry in Medicine" and that is the only things I remember about it, not one ounce of the content! I received $50.00 and a fancy lunch and was given an engraved plaque.

*This is my favorite post ever on why blogging is so great. It echoes everything I feel on the subject to the letter.

*I am asking Jim for his input and he says I am a good basketball player. Wha...? Speaking of that..

Michael Ball the Best Thing Ever to Come Out of Wales!
Go to the bottom of my blog to learn more about him!

*I am crazy about this guy~he is so talented and sweet and I am in teeny bopper love with him. Just kidding but you know my rule, no pretty picture~no post.

*I have always wanted to be someone who could entertain others...the total opposite of what I am...but I would love to work on a play, an opera, be in a movie, or sing a duet with someone who can sing well enough to make me sound better. The problem is I don't like to be in the limelight so I would have to be supporting someone else in the effort or wearing black and shuffling furniture on a darkened stage. I had a speaking role in a play in college though and I LOVED it.

*I use to be a La Maze instructor and breastfeeding coach during my child bearing years.

*I really want to do some painting someday. I think I would love working with the different colors and textures but I cannot even draw a straight line of any kind with a ruler. So probably hopeless.

*I am interested in and believe in reflexology.

*My 'love language' is appreciation.

*I love shopping...oh, that's right, this is supposed to be something you don't know about me. Sorry! I'm way over 7 anyway, I got carried away.

Rather than Tag 7 people I will just invite anyone who wants to do this to consider themselves Tagged.


Laura said...

Love reading, who knew about the basketball talent? I would also love to paint or learn to paint. One day.

Bonnie said...

Yeah, no one is more surprised than me. Laura! What he should have said was and am, or WAS a good shot. I use to be champion of the free throw in our family which bugged the heck out of my dad, my brothers and my husband.