Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finding Balance in My life

Isn't life such a balancing act? I love to have order in my life and to feel well-rounded (not in the body configuration sense!) Being well-rounded to me means just giving appropriate attention to all the important things and not being skewed or fanatical in any of the areas. I don't want to be a person that only thinks or talks about decorating, my weight loss journey, my Church or my family, my hobbies and pass times, etc.

All those things are of utmost importance to me but I want to be balanced in the time and attention I give to the things that mean the most to me. One thing that helps me do this is just being accountable to myself and I find that the Tracker really helps me with that. The Fly Lady Binder helps me too. It seems that if I am not being accountable to myself, then I can just be lazy and not notice what I am really doing or how I am spending my time and energy.

There is a lady named Gretchen Rubin that I sometimes quote on my blog and one of her mantras is, "The days are long, but the years are short." I really like that as it is so true. Without some kind of a plan the days turn into years and nothing gets done. Here it is already January 15th. Before we know it it will be time to start the whole Christmas thing over again.

I got to talk with Laura today and it was wonderful. She is having a lot of the same thoughts I am about organization, personal accountability and the like. Another quote I like is "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail." We just have to plan to be successful at anything we do. And we have to do time management, like it or not. It is a reality. Spontaneity has its place, just not everyday ~ all day long. I really like flexibility in my days and my plans but there just has to be a target in several areas of your life at the same time.

Just because there has to be one pretty picture in every post!

Balance is all about setting priorities, making a plan to achieve goals, establishing good habits and then it's maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. I have enjoyed working on planning this month, not because it is January but because I just didn't want to take down my Christmas stuff needed to do it and now was the right time for me. It is not about New Year's Resolutions it is more about Healthy Life Resolutions and striving for the balance that makes us feel whole again with a lot of joy sprinkled on top!

So Tell Me, What Lights Your Fire?


Deanna said...

Hi Bonnie! I saved this comment on this post for today. I have stepped away from the laptop many times this week to do other things that needed my attention. I set myself on a "sort of" schedule. I have been going to bed early and now that I am getting more sleep, I feel inclined to clean my house with gusto. My eyes have been doing better this week despite a nasty infection that has been cleared up with antibiotics.

I have been eating better and drinking water..(blah!) at least five times a day. It's so strange how your whole attitude towards things can change. I am embracing the day God gives me and making the most out of it. Good or's my day.

Love you,
Deanna :)