Monday, January 19, 2009

Lanette's Healthy Life Blog

If you haven't been to Lanette's Blog lately and you should stop by. For Christmas Dave gave her a little video recorder and she has been making some wonderful videos that are very inspiring if you want to be loss weight, be more fit and/or healthy. Lanette lost 65 pounds on the Weight Watcher Program two and a half year ago and turned her life around with exercise. She is a certified personal trainer and was selected as Weight Watcher Leader of the Year in our entire region in 2008.

In her blog she shares what makes her tick, what motitves her and how she has made this journey to better healthy living. She is dedicated to helping others in all things healthy. Her little video segments are short and to the point. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Don't expect a glossy Hollywood production just something that is real, relevant, and from the heart and totally inspiring. Thanks Lanette!


The Hopkins said...

Love ya Bon!!

CA Poppy said...

Lanette embraces who she is-very refreshing!

mandy* said...

I'm going to check it right now!!

Marcela said...

Hi Bonnie
Thanks for visiting my blog.
You have many interestings blogs!!!

You live in California don't you?
Wow , I would love to visit California someday.
I hope you are having a wonderful week!
Marcela from Argentina

Deanna said...

Ai, my preciosa was here. I'm glad that you and Marcela have met.

Bonnie, my dearest, I am so proud of you! Congratulations!!! You know that you have empowered me with the will to succeed. Can you believe I'm making another soup? Tell Jim to come on over. I have some Caldo de Res waiting for him. Do you think I'm overdoing it? Well, I guess when my tummy says, "No more soup please" I will stop. I hardly ever made soup. I think my husband was feeling that he was monopolizing our menu choices. I just never felt like cooking two dinners. I have spent all day today in the kitchen and running back to my laptop. I have just had a ball cutting carrots, onions and cabbage...(I finally got some cabbage). Who knew that slicing and dicing could bring such rapture? Look at me, I'm Rachael Ray! Yummo!

Bonnie girl, you are beautiful!
Deanna :)

2L3Bs World said...

Hello Bonnie,


I'm confused which site to reply. I answered your comments first in your other blog site. Anyway, I got your site from Deanna while I got Deanna's from the Feedjit live. I'm glad I did because I met wonderful and friendly people like you and Deanna..

Yes, your husband is right, China and Hong Kong are such a wonderful places to shop. Please come and visit and we'll be glad to tour you around. Just e-mail us, I had left my address in my first remarks.. God bless.. Thanks and goodnight.