Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Resolutions

Smart: Be Specific

Measurable: Choose goals that have progress you can measure

Attainable: Is your goal reasonable, are you allowing enough time and resources?

Relavent: Make your goals something your truly want to do not just something you should do. The shoulds are not as motivating as the wants.

Time-Limited: Small steps work better for attaining and maintaining what you want.

By being SMART maybe I can attain all my goals this year. How about you? Why is it that good changes are so much harder than bad ones? Bummer! In a few days I will post some of my goals for the new year. Right now I am doing a study of all the aspects of daily living, like physical, emotional, social, educational, spiritual, etc and choosing various things to work on. Funny how a lot of the same ones keep resurfacing...wouldn't it be nice to put some of it on the completed shelf at the end of the year? I am feeling motivated this year...are you?


Deanna said...

Oh I love this post Bonnie! I just sent my sister an email about how I was wanting to diet and how I have failed for the last 18 years. I sat down this morning and re-evaluated my position.....I now have resolved to eating foods that are better for me. Going for walks. Work on organizing my friends and family's special days, like their birthdays and or special occassions. I was always on top of that but since moving here to S.A. it's been a struggle. And last but not least, taking better care of my diabetes. I think with little steps I can achieve my goal and live peacefully with myself and not be so stressed out.

Amazing post. Thank you my dear Bonnie.

Deanna :)

Bonnie said...

Deanna, I have to introduce you to Lanette, my dear friend and regional Weight Watcher Leader of the Year in the Bay Area. You can find her healthy life blog here:

Be prepared to be inspired. She lost 65 pounds two years ago and she is on fire with great ideas!

Deanna said...

I am on that like a fly at a picnic! Thank you my friend!

Love always,
Deanna :)

Neabear said...

I found you on someone's blog. I forget who at that moment. But anyway, your blog caught my when you made a comment about Muir Woods. I thought that is someone from our neck of the woods. So I now realize you are a Bay area person. How cool! So are we. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions!

Deanna said...

Guess what? I'm joining Weight Watchers tomorrow! I told Lanette that I live about ten blocks from one and I am hoofing it over there after work! Thank you so much for your support Bonnie! I love you!

Your friend,
Bloated (Deanna)