Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Afternoon of Recognition and Appreciation

Please indulge me while I brag about my husband! I once wrote a post about being married to a philanthropist. (Double Indulgence, if you are so inclined!)

This afternoon the County Juvenile Justice~Delinquency Prevention Commission held their 20th Annual Awards Program. Jim was nominated and selected to be a recipient of an award. He was given the award for Outstanding Service/Contribution by a Non-Law Enforcement Individual. He was the only person to receive that particular award this year.

Receiving the Award

Jim gives countless numbers of hours of service to the young adults he serves each year. Not only the job he gets paid for, but many, many volunteer and preparatory hours to make sure 'his boys' get the best he can possibly give them. I have always known this, but it is so nice to see others acknowledge and award him for this.

Talking to Ellen and Michelle from The Ranch.
Michelle brought her little girl, Sophie~so good & so cute!

Jane S, the Regional Director for Student Programs over Jim's school, sat next to me at the ceremony. She was so nice and told me how much these awards mean to the Office of Education when they come from an outside agency. That meant a lot to me. It is just great to have your husband recognized and appreciated for all his hard work.

Jim with Jane

The Extra Touches~
A Jazz Ensemble to liven things up


The Honorable Lois H.,
Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court

Made her Famous Brownies


We discovered the BEST flavored water ever...
This one is Chocolate Mint
Zero Calories


I came home with these beautiful orangey-yellow roses
and one happy guy!


Deanna said...

Oh my gosh I have missed you!! Kudos to Jim on his award...Woo woo wooo!!

What an honor and he must be highly regarded by others. I know you are so very proud of him. He looks wonderful...Bravo Jim!

How have you been? I'm finding myself being spread so thin these past couple of months and I'm seriously thinking of terminating my blog. I'm not there yet but I'm thinking about it.

How are your daughter and little Hazie doing? I need to visit her blog soon.

I'm hoping that when my niece and nephew graduate that everything will calm down and I can sit and visit with everyone again. It's been really difficult and it seems that the only thing I've been posting lately is Pink Saturday and somehow it's getting out of hand. There's just too many people involved and visiting every single blog is getting hard. I'm a reader and I just spend too much time at each blog because I really do care what they are saying. I should probably only participate once a month. I might just do that.

Well, I see that you got a black fridge. How do you like it? I always say that when we get our home that I want a stainless or a black one but then I panic and say I will get white appliances. How old fashioned is that?!

Well, I'd better close for now. Marshall and I need to head home. We are over at my sister Cyndi's house and the two of us are on our laptops chatting with our cousins. Ugh..and I have to work tomorrow.

Big hugs going out to my one and only Bonnie....and my love too.

Deanna :D

Marie said...

Congrats to Jim on his much deserved award!! You must be so proud of him, and quite rightly so. Don't you just love being married to a man who honors his priesthood in such a great way. I know I do.

The Hopkins said...

He deserves it all and more!! Since you are "one" those awards also go to you for your support and encouragement. I'm just so happy to know and love you both.

MCGROVER said...

Congrats to Jim. I loved working with you guys over the past several years. Jim not only has influenced those who work with him professionally, but all of us who work with him in the church should give him an award.


Connie said...

Congratulations all around! "Behind every good man" know.... :) You two are just the best, and I consider anyone who gets to be in your life as a lucky, blessed and enriched person! That's why I was astonished and thrilled to see you back in our ward today!!! Happy days!!!!!!!!!! I almost jumped up and came right over and sat by you right in the middle of everything. :) Welcome HOME!!! :)

Barbara said...

Brag away, Bon! Congratulations, Jim on this well-deserved award. You both have every reason to be very proud.
P.S. Jim, can you come over and take a look at my sprinklers? Just kidding!!!!!!