Monday, May 18, 2009

Room With A Past

I just have to say how much I love visiting Room With a Past once a month. Each month they are open for four days only and it is a wonderful girl party each time. This is collective shop located in a warehouse near us, that sells all things vintage, at wonderful, affordable prices. There is a group of very fun women who run the shop and each of them collects, restores and sometime leaves 'as is'...the lovely things they sell.

The opening each month is held on a Thursday evening and the ladies always dress up in these adorable vintage clothes and hats, they serve goodies and a great time is had by all. You are apt to see several old duffers dozing off in the car while their wife is having a ball. Taking a man in here would be akin to a bull in a china closet kind of a scenario. They would H-A-T-E it!

I just love hunting for just the right accessory for something I am working on or designing. This month I purchased this darling oval mirror for over my little book case in our backdoor entry. I just love the shape of it and it is the perfect size. At $18.00 I felt it was a real bargain. And since it is vintage it is nicely made and quite heavy, unlike the ones made today.

What is so fun about this place is that it is run by women who love to shop and love simple and beautiful things. And as I said the prices are great. When I helped my friend, Faye, decorate her cottage we got so many cute things here.

I love this type of shopping because the thrill of the hunt is so compelling. You just never know what you will find. In the past few weeks I have found these items that I truly love. Both of these came from thrift shops. It is always a hit and miss but the hits are so much fun. It is a great way to go green by recycling, reinventing and saving money.

I wish I knew how to take photos of something that has glass on it and how to avoid the glare. I do know how to turn off my flash but because we have so many windows in our house, it is hard to take a good photo without reflections. I resorted to laying it on our bed which helped some. This picture is a nice big print with great matting and framing. The mat matches our wall color in our hallway perfectly. Price $12.00.

As I have been accessorizing our kitchen, I have been going for an Italian look (my own brand). The accent colors are rust and mustard while the neutrals are a warm creamy latte and brown with black appliances. I have a vintage/old world looking cupboard, made for me by a dear friend that I can never part with, so I tried to find some fun things to put inside. I about fell over with delight when I saw this pot at Goodwill for $3.99.

I love this pot for its vibrant color and the olive branches on it. It is in perfect condition. It is every bit as fabulous as the fancy one I saw at Sur la Table for $79.99. Cha ching...score!


The Gatchell Crew said...

Oh Bonnie LOVE IT! So do you have to have an official invite to go to this wonderful place? Or can any old want to be vintage shopper go? Would love to check it out sometime. I am in the mood to change some things in the place we are now living. Just haven't even got around to putting the things I have currently up. You know, just hard to make the transition. But would love to check this place out, sounds FABULOUS!

Laura said...

What fun. I am loving the pot. So beautiful. I love a great find. What a fun place to shop.

Marie said...

That sounds like a great place to find things! I love perusing charity shops and seeing what I can pick up in them. I always find someting, always!!