Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today is my Mom's Birthday anniversary.  Were she not in heaven she would be 93 today.  Her twin brother, Joseph, is still alive and I must call him today.  Last year when I called him and said "Happy 92nd Birthday, Uncle Joe"  He replied,  "92, 92"?  "Darn, I  thought I was 93".  As long as he lives I feel a little part of my mom is still here.  They are so much alike in so many ways.

My Mother is Always With Me

My mother is always with me.
She's the whisper of the leaves
as I walk down the street.
She's the smell of bleach
in my freshly laundered socks.
She's the cool hand on my brow
when I'm not feeling well.

My mother lives inside my laughter.
She's crystallized in every tear drop.
She's the place I came from
She's my first home.
She's the map that I follow
with every step that I take.
She's my first l♥ve
and my first heart♥break.
Nothing on earth can separate us.
Not time, not space,
Not even death
will ever separate me
from my mother.
I carry her inside of me.
~Author UnknownWhen I see beauty like this around me
it makes me know she is still with me.


mandy* said...

Happy Mother's Day, Aunt B! I hope you know how much I love you! You've always been like a second mom and I appreciate you!

Bonnie said...

And you are like a precious daughter to me, Mandy! Love you, Honey!

Marie said...

Beautiful post Bonnie. A wonderful tribute to your mom. My mom is still with us and I am grateful for that, but I am ever mindful that her clock is winding down and that each day left with us is a precious gift.

Shaun at Oak Den said...

My Dad died 11 years ago and it has been a huge loss. My Mom moved from Fairfield to Orem to be closer to some of us and I have LOVED having her only 2 hours away. We go to her house often and I cannot imagine what my life is going to be like when she goes. This is a beautiful tribute to your mom.