Monday, May 11, 2009

We've Had Spencer for a Decade on Monday

I am posting a big Happy Birthday to Spencer again just in case he missed it yesterday and doesn't want to scroll down through all the other posts I have been doing. The reason... the time difference between here and Italy and he is going to Germany and Austria with his family for his birthday and a little family holiday. They will be gone for two weeks and will be going to Lego Land in Germany! Spencer is very excited about that.

So......Heeeerrrrre's Spencer!
Happy B

Such a grown up handsome guy!

This is the cake his mom made him
for his friends Birthday Party.
It is nice to see the soldiers
defending our freedom!
Those who cannot stand behind them are
welcome to stand in front of them!

The Tuscan GQ Look!

Little Scamps!

Good Buddies

When our kids were little I use to interview them on their birthdays. Laura did that with Spence and sent the following for the post.

"All the Places I've Been
27 states in the United States
Italy (Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice)
Germany (this week)
Austria (next week)
My Favorite Things
color~ Green
book~ Fire Within Series
food ~ Pizza
movie~ Holes
friend ~ Shad and Jonah
thing to do on Saturday~ Watch movies and jump on the trampoline and sleep in
number ~11
day of the week~ Saturday
place to be ~ Home
Sweet Treat~ Mom's cookies

My Birthday Wish

Have a BIG birthday party with my WHOLE family!! We would play games, watch movies, have cake and ice cream, bake cookies, play kickball, go through obstacle courses, draw pictures and give and open presents. That is my birthday wish.

Goals for my 10th Year
Make 12 new friends (one each month)
Save $100
Get good grade (all A's)
Do 100 sit-ups
Jump at least 3.5 feet high
Be a good example for everyone around me

My After School Activities

Math Olympiads

Spencer we love you and are so proud of your fine character. We love your new goals and your birthday wish~let's do that one day, OK? We are so proud of your accomplishments~keep up the good work and know we will be thinking of you on Monday (and every other day)! You make Grampa and me very happy!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Grandson!



Marie said...

What a handsome boy! Happy Birthday to Spencer!

mandy* said...

Spencer's goal for his 10th year are great!