Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Missy!

Missy spent her last birthday in Paris! Check out the great photo of the Eiffel Tower just below this post! That is just a little birthday remembrance for you, Missy! I hope it is just as good in Utah! Knowing you, it will be!

One of the great things about Missy is that no matter where she is or what the circumstances, she is happy. Missy has such a positive attitude about everything and never complains. She views problems as challenges to be overcome. I love that about her. She takes things in stride and just brings a special light to any place she happens to be. We love you Missy!

Sweet 16 times 2 that is!
Happy Birthday! We are all celebrating YOU today!

Missy is the Heart of Their Family!


Marie said...

Happy Birthday Missy!!