Sunday, May 3, 2009

Turmoil All Around

It is funny how sometimes our lives are just more filled with chaos than others. This is one of those times for us. There seems to be nothing that is the same right now. Not only is our house the biggest mess it has ever been with the current remodeling going on but we are being released from our calling at church that we have had for five and a half years today. We have had the opportunity to serve in the Young Single Adult Ward with people ranging in age from 18 to 31. It truly has been like a mission in every sense of the word.

It has been a great calling and we have met some many wonderful young people and have worked with some fantastic adults our age as well. This is the only ward we have ever been in other than our home ward where we spent 25 years going to church and church activities and serving in various capacities. We have missed our old ward and all of our life time friends so much and now we are returning. We have loved our new ward too and now we are leaving. Just like a full time missionary it is time to resume our lives as we once knew them. We are coming and going with mixed emotions. Loving people is like that isn't it? On the one hand we are so excited to be going home, on the other we are sad to leave what we have been fully engaged in for 5 and a half years behind.

Essentially life is all about changing and adapting. We don't really have any say in many of the changes and we have to learn to roll with the punches. Hopefully we get better at this as we do get older and have more experiences with it. But it is never easy if you love what you do. We will go and do what the Lord has in mind for us with a happy and cheerful heart, looking forward to new opportunities along the way. The scripture..."This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it" comes to mind.

Another thing I think about regarding things that can be difficult is an old saying of my mother-in-law's..."This too shall pass!" If we start to miss the young single adults we will at the same time be increasing our love back in our home ward. This transition seems right and good and we are ready. And the YSA ward is not that far away...we can see them anytime we want to so it is all good.

As for the house and the fact that I can barely find the things I need to get ready for church today...this too shall pass and soon all the fruits of our labors will be evident and things will return to a much better normal. That is something I look forward to with great anticipation. But just for the record...remodeling the kitchen is the hardest of all our big projects so far. It really is the heart of the home and right now it is having an attack. Wish we could get out those paddles, turn up the switch to 300 and give it a couple of big zaps.

As for the hearts inside of us...they will be just fine. Knowing God is in charge is all that matters. Serving anywhere in the church is a tremendous privilege and one we will do for as long as we are able. We would never want our lives to be any different in that department. By comparison all the rest of the couple missions we serve in the future will seem very short.

Photos by Laurascoop


Marie said...

Sometimes change comes hard, but in the long run we are able to see that it's always for the best. Obviously Heavenly Father has something new for you and for your husband, some new area that needs your special touch and perhaps something new to bless your lives with. How very exciting!!

I know when we were re-doing our kitchen it was really difficult! There are still things I can't find and this is some 5 months later. I do love my new kitchen though! Have a wonderful sabbath! XXOO

mandy* said...

I cannot believe it! You guys are released???? I am happy and sad for you at the same time. I think my mother will be happy to have you back in Concord 2nd Ward.

The Hopkins said...

I was just thinking how wonderful it is that for the last 5 years I haven't lost connection with you because of our "sessions". What a blessing it has been - it will feel so right to see you on Sundays. Hopefully you can join us in Primary!

laura.elizabeth said...

Mom- I am thrilled for you! I know it is hard to say goodbye but it is time to get back to live in a regular ward. For the friendship and fellowship and for the spiritual nourishment. It will be great.
About the kitchen... I am sorry it is such a mess but I am so excited for you. You have waited 25 years for this!!! Last time you were remodeling that kitchen you had three little kids at home- can you imagine adding three little kids to the mix this time around? I am excited for you Mom it is going to be great.

Laura said...

I am sorry for the rough times! There is something great right around the corner, including the remodel!!!! Fabulous!