Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sakes Alive~Zach Is Five!

Zach and his Daddy, our son, Christopher!

Zachy during their recent visit
just hamming it up for the camera.

Cute little face with remnants of spaghetti and s'mores on it!

Doing Bunny Ear Behind His Head

Got It!

Zachary James is five years old today! Happy Birthday Big Guy! With five grand boys and five grand girls we can keep these birthdays rolling in all year long. Today we are celebrating the birth and life of Zach. Zach is one of the sweetest, cutest kids around. He has the most endearing personality and is always smiling!

Zachary is a great hugger and very affectionate. Many times he has called me in the middle of the day to say "Hi" or to tell me something important to him. The last week or so he sent us a love letter in the mail. One time in church he gave me 27 drawings (I actually counted them to be sure) that he colored. He was working so hard. He often asks me if I still have something he made me...of course I do!

He goes to preschool and loves it. In the fall he will go to kindergarten! That is really exciting! Zach loves to help his mom cook in the kitchen on a chair. He is a blessing in every sense of the word! He is a lot of fun and don't forget he had a wedding this year!

Cousin Connection!
~The Bridal Party~
The happy couple in the foreground
~ Zach & Chloe~
Back row: Bridesmaids L to R
Piper, Aynslee, and Julia
The Guy who looks like the Chinese Chef~Connor (The Priest?)
Yes, it is true they are all ours...
and just think there are four more!

Happy Birthday, Zach-a-rooney!
We Love You So Much!!


Shaun at Oak Den said...

The way you talk about your grand kids makes me excited for the day when I get to do this! You seem like such a FUN gramma!

Connie said...

What a darling he is! Oh, wait--I mean how incredibly HANDSOME he can get in big trouble with a five year old boy if you say they are darling, right? :) You have a whole pack of cutie-pies on your hands there, Bon! Blessings from heaven!!!! (For them AND you!)

Love you dearly, my friend!!!

BECKY said...

Aawww, Bonnie!! What a cutie he is!! Hope his birthday is filled with FUN!! That cake is amazing!! Did you make it?

Have a great day, friend!!

Bonnie said...

Dear Shaun and Connie,

Thank you for your sweet comments. These grandkids are the icing on our cake. The best is yet to come for you both. Connie, your baby grand girl is but 3 months old~you know the joy...just wait til she sends you a love letter in the mail, calls you her best friend, tells you you are pretty in every possible way, wants to give you a billion and one kisses, says she'd be well in a minute if you were by her side...the list is never ending. Heaven on earth in all its forms right at your finger tips!

Bonnie said...

Becky, you are too cute. Me make a cake...good one. Actually I do once every 5 years or so to justify having 4 bunt pans. But actually now that I have recycled all but one to the Goodwill I may never do it again?? But this one is a flickr photo which I should have identified as such.

Don't get me wrong I would bake one in a minute if I wasn't prone to eat 3/4 of it myself. You know, one sliver at a time..I am working my program~Weight Watchers.

But if I lived by Zachary, which I definitely hope to someday~ I will bake him one just like this! (And then send it home with them!)