Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Worst Household Chore is....

We got black this time!

Without a doubt the worst job around house has to be cleaning the refrigerator. Ick! Today I cleaned three of them. We got our new frig and so I wiped that one down~easy as can be. I love it, by the way! :-)

I also cleaned out our outside frig, not too bad. But the one we took out of the kitchen that we sold on Craig's List for $100.00~disgusting. I am pretty good about cleaning out the frig weekly before I go shopping, etc. But I rarely take it all apart and that is what I had to do washing under and behind the bins, and racks and walls and the freezer. I am shuddering. It is amazing what can fall down between the back wall and the racks and bins and into the never never land below.

I made a vow to take the whole thing apart several times a year from now on. I would have been so embarrassed if I had died before I got to this old one and someone had to come in and do it. But since I did $150.00 worth of work on it it now looks like new again. I certainly did not make any money on the deal but I decided to think of it as being green by recycling it and my aerobics for the day.

Do you have a certain thing you just really do not like doing around the house? The only thing that kept me at it was the delivery man was coming at 11:00 am. The thought of that brand new bigger refrigerator was my carrot. (But not the petrified mini ones I found stuck to the bottom of the refrigerator in some unrecognizable, syrupy stuff. Yikes!!) All I can say is if it smells like something died in your frig look in those invisible hiding places behind and underneath the veggies bins. You will be amazed....and appalled. I was anyway.

But now, voila! Our frig smell as clean and fresh as a daisy! And it is sitting in the driveway along with all the other remodeling "stuff." Our neighbors are very patient right now. Soon things will be back to normal around here again....but for now, one day at a time ...we are getting there. It is a good thing we have a long, rather secluded driveway.


mandy* said...

I hate mopping. Especially because we live in an older apartment and the floor never looks any cleaner after I mop. However, with Cohen on the ground all day playing with his cars, I feel like mopping is a must.

Congrats on the new frig!!

Marie said...

hmm...the one chore I hate worse has to be de-frosting the freezer. UGH . . . oh, and cleaning the oven.