Friday, May 29, 2009

Last One for This Month!

We are thinking of you today, Robert, and want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I mentioned a few days ago that you were having a birthday today and that you would be traveling during this time. Well, knowing you, Robert, no one you are with will even know it is your birthday...but I hope they treat you well just the same. I wish you were here so we could spoil you properly on your special day.

You are a wonderful son, Robert! We couldn't ask for a better husband for Laura or Daddy for Spencer and Ross. Thank you for all you do to bring them such happiness and security in all you do.

We love and miss you and look forward to our reunion in a few months! You take care and be safe! I hope your current local isn't too hot! Bet you wish you could wear your contacts!

Wish we could bake you a cake!