Monday, February 2, 2009

14 Things That Warm My Heart in February 2009

My daughter, Jen, is listing 14 things that make her happy this month for Valentine's Day and I though I would jump on her band wagon. It sounds like fun. I am doing two today to catch up!

#1 I thoroughly enjoy being a woman. It makes me so happy to just do all things feminine. I love being a wife, mother, grandmother and homemaker. I love being with my wonderful friends and family member that are female and all the fun times we have. I really appreciate the camaraderie and the understanding we have for each other. So many things can just go unsaid. I love the depth and accomplishments of the women I know and all I can learn from them. This picture just makes me happy as it evokes the sisterhood I feel with so many sweet ladies! I just love you all, from my dearest, oldest friends to our sweet Baby Hazel...I believe in Girl Power!


Deanna said...

Hi my little darling!
I feel the same way....I love how you worded (is that even a word?) it.

Do you have a picture of all of the women in your where you are all together? That would be an awesome picture. Imagine when the little grandbabies get older, they will have all the Girl Power strength of their grandma and of their own mommies.

I'm going to be thinking of Girl Power as I head off to work this morning.

Love you to pieces,
Deanna :)