Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heart Warmer #5 The Performing Arts

The Comedy and Tragedy Of It All

One of my heart warmers is anyone who has developed a talent to entertain and uplift others. I really enjoy good theater, great dancers, those who can sing so well, those who can play various characters so convincingly...the list goes on. I appreciate all those who help in the presentations of these talents as well, the musicians, the stage crew, the composers, writers, producers, directors, photographers and choreographers. If these talents are used in a good way they can be so uplifting and add so much to everyday life. I love to go to concerts and operas, plays and even enjoy street performers. Of course I do appreciate some more than others. My favorite concert I ever attended was the Michael Ball concert in Salt Lake City in 2004.

I adore movies and we have a fun collection. I do not enjoy or watch TV but a fun movie is fantastic. I love the way they can just transport you to another time and space. I love the story telling aspects of the performing arts. We love watching movies at home with popcorn and blankies near the fireplace!

My requirement for movies is they have to be uplifting. I do not enjoy being freaked out by something scary or disgusted by something obscene or excessively bloody or violent. I love the dramatic and of course the chick flicks are great. I love movies that teach me something but nothing depressing makes its way into our home collection for re-viewing. We love historic, period pieces and English flicks.

I love a lot of the miniseries created for TV like The Thornbirds, Roots, and especially North and South. One of my all time favorites is Winds of War and it's sequel War and Remembrance about WWII. That boxed set goes for about $300 so it will most likely never grace the shelves of our DVD collection but I am grateful for Netflix! We enjoyed and have collected all The Gilmore Girls seasons. If I had to pick a favorite movie..I really don't think I could.


Deanna said...

I don't watch a lot of Tv either...I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith and the Waltons are my favorite TV shows.

I have many films from the Hollywood greats. My guilty pleasure is Pillow Talk with Doris and Rock followed closely by Bobby and Sandra in If A Man Answers.

Oh...I almost forgot. I do watch House Hunters on HGTV.

Deanna :D

Neabear said...

You and my daughter would find lots to talk about if you should ever be in the same room. She is into theatre, dance, movies, musicals....She has a minor in Theatre arts from Mills College. She and I both love Gilmore Girls. I have not seen all the seasons yet. I am still working on that with Netflix. Here is the link to my daughter's blog if interested. She doesn't post often, but talks about her theatre stuff.

Tell her I sent you.

2L3Bs World said...

Dear Bonnie,
Nice to know you also love the Gilmore Girls. I got here Seasons 1 and 2. Is there any Season 3 yet? Thanks and sweet dreams..
Loida or 2L3Bs