Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heart Warmer #11~Traveling

The Island of Burano, Italy near Venice

Jim and I have been totally blessed to have been able to do quite a bit of traveling, especially since our kids have been grown up. Visiting new and familiar places is something we both love to do. It is often so eye opening to go beyond the little triangle that is our life, work, home, church!

An amazing day!

It is great to get the perspective that life does exist outside of it. It somehow diminishes your problems and give you a new lease on life. It is so wonderful to see how people in other cultures and states lives out their lives. I say states because, New Orleans is as much like a foreign country as we have seen in the US. (Have you seen the Voodoo stuff and the burial ovens?) We took a 9,000 mile trip around the US a few years back and that was remarkable and very educational as well. Jim and I have been to Europe several times and to Canada and he went to Mexico and China without me and loved it.

The first time we went to Europe I was completely enthralled with it all and so was he. We hope to go back many times in our future years, it is so much fun and so broadening. We are working on a trip to Italy again in the Christmas season of this year or the beginning of 2010. We love it and are so looking forward to seeing our kids again soon! And that will be a giant heart warmer for sure!


CA Poppy said...

I adore the brightly colored houses on the water.

Bonnie said...

Me too and I truly miss you. Any chance you are coming our way to visit Amy any time?

Deanna said...

I would love it if you devoted a whole post on your trips to Europe. Those buildings remind me so much of Portofino.

Deanna :D

Bonnie said...

Deanna, I really should do that. I have only been blogging long enough to have gotten the one we took last year to Italy in March/April. That one you can find by going to my sidebar and labels. Under Italy Trip can find several about Italy.

Deanna said...

Okay! Thanks love!

Deanna :D

Sal Gal said...

That is a blessing! I love going to new places.

2L3Bs World said...

Dear Bonnie,
Good morning. I seconded Deanna's request for your to hopefully blog your trips to Europe. That would be interesting because it has been me and my daughters dream to visit any place in Europe especially Paris and Italy.. Such a lovely place.. Thanks for sharing..