Monday, February 23, 2009

Grampa Camp

Jen's Brownie & Our Littlest Angel!

Had to show you the close-up!

Jim has just returned from a fun-filled long weekend in Utah where he was able to take care of Jen and Lowell's girls while they had a little R and R. He always comes home from Utah just shaking his head and saying, "I don't know how mothers do it."

I wish he'd have had that same perspective when I was a mother of young kids but then, you can't really. When you are living it, it is just what you do. After the fact, you see what an amazing feat parents can and do accomplish one day at a time. We have so much respect for all of our kids and the great parenting they are doing.

We are grateful that we could help Jen and Lowell out and that they got a much needed rest and some quiet time together. It really was a family affair with Chris and Missy hosting all of them for dinner on Saturday night and the big girls playing over there most of the afternoon as well.

Aunt Missy makes Soup for Grampa...his favorite!

Uncle Chris is the official taster!

Starting with Jim holding Hazel, every other kid is Jen and Lowell's
and Chris and Missy's. I wonder if they planned it or it just happened?
What a blessing to have them so close!
Missing Spencer and Rossie!

Grampa had lots of fun with the girls at the park also. They also had a Mc Donald's ice cream cone. The three big girls were all so great and helpful and Hazie was so good for Grampa.

Hazel and Julia having fun in the sun!
Hazie loves to be outside!

There is always that one picture when you realize
they are not babies anymore. This is it for Chloe!
She is a big girl now for sure. A bitter sweet moment!

Piper flying high!

Julia helping Grampa with Chloe!
Such great sisterhood!

Jim said that Hazie was just the best but he never saw such a huge bunch of smiles on her face as when Mommy and Daddy came walking through the door on Sunday morning! Glad you had a fun time Jen and Lowell!


Bonnie said...

Grandpa here, saying that I truly loved being with ALL the family. We are blessed!!

J. Dormer said...

Aw, what great pictures Bonnie! I've always loved your family!

Ralphie said...

Jim - you're awesome to do that. I never knew my grandfathers as one was killed in WWII and one when I was a baby. Your grandkids are so lucky to have you (and of course you, too, Bonnie). Love you both--you're an inspiration to me.

Neabear said...

Wonderful pictures! Lots of love there.