Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heart Warmer #13~Our Kids!

At the Temple~A Forever Family

Disneyland Family Reunion 1997

The continual heart warmers...our kids! I thought it might be fun to show you some old photos. The first one is the only picture we have of our sealing day. How sad, but none the less at least you can see how big the kids (and Jim's hair & our glasses) were when we went. I cannot believe how much the quality of pictures has improved in those 30 years.

The second photo is one I truly love. It just captured the fun we had when all the kids met us at Disneyland for a couple of days. Jen and Lowell and Chris and Missy were brand new newly weds and Laura and Robert were a few months from their wedding day in December. We had so much fun and it seems like they were such care free days way back then.

Jen, Chris and Laura are wonderful kids and always have been. And their spouses are amazingly well suited to them and we love them like our own. They all have been great blessings in our lives. And we couldn't pick six better parents for our little sweet grandchildren.

Hoping you have a romantic dinner out planned for Valentine's Day!

Thanks kids, Happy Valentine's Day and know that we love and miss you all.


Laura said...

I love the picture of your sealing day and of the early days with the newly weds and soon to be married. I also think your Grandparent blog is the bomb. What an exciting, beautiful website for your grandkids.

Neabear said...

Great pictures with wonderful memories. You are so blessed to have the family you have. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!