Monday, February 9, 2009

Heart Warmer #10~Music For The Soul

It is said that Music is the Language of Heaven.

Most of us probably cannot even imagine a world without music. It seem to be present just about every where we go. There are so many types of music that we enjoy in our home. We love sacred music and hymns, classical, Broadway, pop music, the oldies from the 40's era and our parents' generation. Our earliest memories of our music favorites come from the late 50's and 60's~all the moldy oldies. We like some things from the 70's, 80s and 90's. We can be a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll too. We both really like jazz. Good music is good music no matter what the genre. There is always new and beautiful music being written. I love a great music collection. We love concerts from the large arena spectacles to the high school gymnasium.

For home and personal use, I think the iPod is one of the coolest inventions ever and I love adding new songs to mine on a regular basis. To be able to carry around your entire music collection in that little thing is absolutely mind boggling to those of us over 50.

Quite a contrast between the iPod and the Gramophone

It is so wonderful to be able to play your own selection of music with no commercial interruptions on your headphones just about anywhere. Although some people over do this in a big way It can be great! What I like even more is being able to use your iPod in the car, and by using a docking station you can listen to your music in any room in the house or take it and the docking station with you when traveling for great music anywhere you want it.

Music really touches the heart and emotions and creates a mood for just about any setting. Often it's also very obviously missing when a place just doesn't "feel" quite right. Since part of what I do professionally is to create an inviting and comfortable environment~music is always included.

Music makes everything more beautiful and more enjoyable

Music seems to be universally enjoyed. I have only known a few people who don't like it much. I tried to think of one song to include and of course I couldn't think of just one. But I do love this song by Billy Joel. I just love the message of the song just knowing there are some people you can just relax with and be who you really are. What a rare and special blessing.


Laura said...

Music is such an incredible blessing. It's amazing how easy it is too have incredible music at your fingertips.

Deanna said...

Hello dearest,
I stayed home today..still feeling blah.

I spent most of the day reading Jen's blog. I wanted to get to know her and her family.

I wish a had a rocking chair big enough to hold all of you in my arms.