Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heart Warmer #9~ Little Thing Mean A Lot!

The Little Things
My heart is continually warmed by the sweet, unselfish things that people do for one another. The little kindnesses that make life special ~ it can be anything from letting someone into a line of traffic, calling just to say hi and see how someone is doing, showing support for the challenges faced by others, etc. All these thing make it a better world. Just being thoughtful and nice can change things for someone and make them feel happy.

Add a Little Pizazz

I also love the little things in life that add a little glitter to an otherwise ho hum day. I like to use candles at dinner, enjoy fresh flowers, wear a favorite bracelet, spray on some great cologne, do something nice for Jim that he is not expecting, take a drive in the country just to see the beauty of the day, use linen spray on the bed, get a pedicure, use our stemware, drink some designer hot chocolate, wash the windows for a better view of the world, etc.

The Glitter Reflects the Light in Life

I love to do these kind of things for others and I love it when someone does it for me too. It is so sweet when Jim opens my car door for me, gives me a foot rub, cooks dinner, goes shopping with me or cleans out the refrigerator (one of my least favorite activities.) They are all little things but they mean a lot and definitely warm my heart and make me happy!


Laura said...

What a great reminder, it is the little things that make such a difference in all our lives, Love you, Laura

Deanna said...

So sweetly spoken...sometimes I forget to do those 'little things' for Marshalll....time for me to wipe those windows clean

Deanna :D