Friday, February 27, 2009

Clara Cooks

I thought this was so cute just had to share with you!

A little pricey on the carbs but for survival mode it would work! I like her hint about bringing to a boil and covering and then turning off the stove. I do this all the time with steel cut oatmeal and hard boiled eggs. Works perfectly and saves energy.


Ralphie said...

Bonnie - that was great! How ever did you find that video? With the economy the way it is now, we may be doing that soon. By the way, I just checked all of my pasta and my ground wheat and had to throw away quite a bit because of weavils (sp)--I think that's what they are--they're tiny black bugs. Yikes! Looks like another trip to Costco for more pasta to replace it.

Sara said...

Clara is great! I saw a video of her on Good Morning America last week...with times getting tougher she has great advise and some of her recipes look kinda good!