Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hope It was a Great Valentine's Day for You!

Aren't these flower pods great? So apropos~
flickr by aussiegall

We hope you are having a super Valentine's Day
and feeling the LOVE!

We love you, that's for sure!
Jim & Bonnie

We stayed home tonight and had a quiet, romantic dinner. This was the first time we had eaten in our dining room alone on our new round table. It was fun and restful after a very busy day! What did you do? Check out those Valentine cookies!


Neabear said...

Beautiful! I needed to practice the organ since I am playing today. We first went to my parents to see the new shower. And give them a card. Then Mom went with us to the church to help me go over the music. Make sure I am going the right tempo and so forth. Then I continued to practice while hubby took mom home. When I was done we went out to eat, then home again. It was pleasant, except my shoulders were so sore with the arthritis flaring up while I was practicing.

2L3Bs World said...

Hi Bonnie, what a romantic way to celebrate the hearts day..
Thanks for sharing.
We had a wonderful dinner in the Bistro Palace and later Bayani booked a hotel room and we had a great time together. A bouquet of 12 red roses and a lily really made my day more romantic. Our children actually kidded us about us acting like young lovers..

Laura said...

Love the beautiful romantic table. Beautiful, beautiful.