Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One of the Greatest Gifts

Last winter one of my favorite friends moved to Canada. I really miss, Michelle so much. A month or so after they moved I went outside to get our mail and I noticed some little green shoots popping their little heads up in one of our flower beds. It was Michelle saying hello! A few years back as a surprise to several of our friends, Michelle secretly planted several bulbs of daffodils and tulips in our yards.
Now each year when the dreariness of winter is getting old, up pop the flowers. I love these flowers and they make me think of my sweet friend all the time. Yesterday I saw them again...Michelle! I wish you could come for a visit. We miss you. And I haven't had a decent pedicure since you left! There is no one that can take your place!

I have received some great and meaningful and thoughtful gifts in my life time but none quite as unique or that keep on giving in the same beautiful way.


CA Poppy said...

Thankyou for the beautiful post~just what I needed because it is -31 today! I do look forward to seeing not only your lovely feet but also the rest of you.Know that I miss you like,Michelle

Bonnie said...

-31 ouch! Of course I want to see you for a million reasons besides the pedicure! Hopefully there will be a lot less of me when you do see me. I am working hard on it. I have a private blog on the journey if you are interested, let me know and I'll invite you over. It is kind of an extension of the weekly meetings.

Laura said...

What a great gift. I love bulbs. This is a great idea I would LOVE to do. Inspiration.

Deanna said...

That was such a dear gesture. I love that idea. Daffs....they are just so dang pretty aren't they? One of my fave's for sure.

I wish you could see my's got a wireless adaptor and cords all over...It got a nasty virus and now it needs all sorts of contraptions for it to work properly.

Mighty hugs,
Deanna :D

Ralphie said...

Bonnie, I looked outside this morning and voila, big surprise - DAFFODILS that Michelle planted in empty planters I had sitting on the patio had popped up. Joy to my heart. Hey, we should plan a girls trip to see her!

Neabear said...

That was so sweet of her to do that. Cool that you get to enjoy the flowers every year.