Friday, February 13, 2009

Heart Warmer #14 My Valentine

Love of my Life!

What can I say that hasn't been said about my husband of 40 1/2 years and best friend for 45 years? I guess maybe "Thank You!" would be good. Thank you, James, for putting up with me and growing up with me!

It has been a great life and I wouldn't trade most of it for anything. A few things, yes...but that's because I want earth life to be heaven. We are not ready for that yet, right?

Almost Heaven~ 24/7
Is Good, in fact, Excellent
Love you Forever, Babe,
With all my Heart and Soul.

Happy Valentine's Day!

The song below kind of sums it up. I thought the video was so cute. Being 16 with you was forever ago and really just yesterday too! Looking forward to our 45th Romantic Valentine's Day date tomorrow night!


2L3Bs World said...

Deareast Bonnie,
Such a sweetest way to express your love. 40 1/2 years.. you're such an inspiration..! The best couple ever.. Thanks for sharing this to us Bonnie.. Happy Valentines..
Care, Loida, Bayani and kids

Laura said...

A dreamy marriage. How romantic. You two are so cute together!

laura.elizabeth said...

Love that song. It totally reminds me of my youth. I love that you are Dad are still together after 45 years! What a wonderful and rare thing. I love you both!! Happy Valentine's Day

Ralphie said...

So sweet, Bon! Kenny made me cry...