Monday, February 2, 2009

Heart Warmer #2 Flowers

# 2 I love bring outside and enjoying the beauty of the earth. I enjoy flowers and love to see them growing in the ground, in pots, on the hill sides. I love seeing them in floral arrangements, beautiful vases and in window boxes or a pretty girl's hair and in bridal bouquets. The colors, the textures, the scents, all make me happy. And one thing I really enjoy also is the photography and other artist's renderings of these, one of God's loveliest creations! They can perk up the most mundane days and make them special.


Deanna Munoz said...

I have to agree. Hydrangeas make me SO happy. Miss you guys. Hope you are warmer there than we are here!! LOL!

Deanna said... glanced over and I saw that you got the Valentine..the first one. Marshall said it was bland looking and he didn't like the red font. I changed it last night and he said it was much better. Man, he should mind his own business!!!! hahahahaha!


Deanna said...

I forgot my original comment!

I think God created flowers for girls. I mean, do you ever hear men discussing the beauty of a flower's petals? Can you believe that Marshall can recognize more flowers than I can? He used to work for a husband and wife that owned several floral shops in Lubbock and he worked for the husband's courier service but the wife would use the guys during Valentine's Day to help the flower delivery guys on her end and I tell you, that man of mine could tell you the name of every flower. His favorite is Bird of Paradise. Has he ever given me that flower? NO!! LOL!

Deanna :D