Monday, February 2, 2009

Heart Warmer # 3 Houses

One of my favorites!

Houses really warm my heart and make me happy. I think they say so much about the people that live inside. I love big ones and little ones, the old and the new, the modest and the extravagant! I think just about any home can be beautiful with a little tender loving care and some creativity. It makes me sad to see beautiful houses neglected or abused. Homes are like fingerprints, no two are alike and each one identifies a very unique place on the planet. A house that is loved is a happy place to live and grow and be. If I could tour homes every single day it would probably not be enough to make me tire of it. My heart always skips a little beat when I get the opportunity to step over the threshold of a beautiful home. What I love equally as much is the everything that goes inside a house to make it a beautiful, interesting and comfortable family home. (You can read the expanded version of this post on my design blog Passionate About Houses)


Deanna said...

Bonnie, we are so alike in our love for houses.

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing to do was to look inside people's homes as my father was driving us home from wherever we had been visiting. It would be dark and people in those days used to have their doors open and you could see their living rooms through their glass doors. I always wanted to know what their house looked like inside.

Lubbock has such a diverse taste in homes and since we have hardly any HOA's...anyone can build whatever house they want. On 19th street..towards downtown, there are some Neo-classical home alongside some plantation homes. I always dreamed of living on 19th street.

Deanna :D