Friday, September 19, 2008

Beautiful Boudoirs AKA Bedrooms

Eventually this post will find its way to my design blog but for now that is under construction so it will have to take up residency here. Many years ago when we were first married Jim and I had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles and to stay in the home of the parents of one of our friends. This home was located in the beautiful Echo Park and I don't think I'll ever forget it. The place where we stayed was a separate bungalow on the property and the hostess had really thought ahead and made it such a lovely guest room. She had added the lovely touches, a water decanter and two beautiful crystal glasses, luxurious linens, fresh flowers, and fruit, etc. I think that occasion was the beginning of my love affair with comfy, cozy bedrooms and it has continued ever since. I decided that if I ever had a guest room it would be like that if I could possibly do it. I had once heard that you should never have a guest bed that is too comfortable as your guests may want to stay on longer than you like. Well, the bed we have is not the best, unfortunately, as I would love our guests to stay on...but I have tried to make it fun and inviting.

I hate that the lamp cord is in this photo.
It is best to unplug them for photos or get
a better cord management tactic! Whoops!
Hate me, as the Nester would say!

The bedding is from Walmart, inexpensive, but serves it's purpose very well. It is also reversible so that makes it great. It is time for me to turn it over to the patchwork quilted side for the cooler months. I love red and really enjoy it in this room.

In our room I have tried several different kinds of spreads and quilts over the years and I think this is my least for now. I love the soothing qualities of white. It just seems so restful and clean and crisp.

You can always double click my photos for a closer look.
I love the pattern on the coverlet.

For a few months I had just a down comforter on the bed but it got so wrinkled each night that it was driving me crazy. I didn't want to give up the white so I found a reasonable coverlet at TJMaxx and now I don't spend time with my Downy Wrinkle Releaser while making the bed every morning! We love our little cottage, it isn't fancy but it is comfy and a fun place to live.

Check out this beautiful bedroom of one of my favorite couples. Again not a pricey redesign, just beautifully thought out and put together. The pretty bedding is also from Walmart. It doesn't take a fortune to have a nice place to rest from your labors at the end of a busy day.

Check out this beautiful room~love the bedding!

What have you done to create a beautiful, inviting bedroom that doesn't break the bank?
(They are doing fine on their own! But that is a discussion for another day!)


Laura said...

I love the bedrooms----so comfortable, warm, and inviting. I LOVE the red. It looks so great!!!

girlsmama said...

Your rooms are wonderful! Even if I wasn't tired young mother I'd want to jump in bed and relax. And I apparently need to look harder at Wal-Mart. I had no idea.

Miss Jen said...

Is that last one Laura's? I absolutely love my bedroom. It's my favorite room in the house. I wouldn't cry if it was about 4 feet bigger in every direction though!

Bonnie said...

Yes, it is your sister's room. I want to get a photo of yours too. I agree with you I love it too and it is so scrumptious, beautiful and comfy!